Organization of Pedagogical Activity of Students-Philologists of the Karakalpak Language


  • D. B. Seytkasimov Ph.D., Associate professor, Karakalpak State University named after Berdakh


Linguistic competence, Phonetic competence, Lexical competence, Grammar competence, Spelling competence, national school, Communicative competence, Conversation, speech description, pronunciation


Linguistic competence is widely used in the methodology of teaching the Karakalpak language. Sometimes this term is also used as a synonym for language competence, but it is more promising to distinguish them when teaching the Karakalpak language as a native language.

Linguistic competence is the result of students' understanding of speech experience. This includes knowledge of the basics of the Karakalpak language, mastery of a complex of linguistic concepts. Learning that language is a social phenomenon and the role of language in human life, respect and love for the Karakalpak language are brought up.


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