Preliminary Help to Flip Classes in Higher Education


  • L. Nazarova Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent “Humanitarian and economic disciplines”


Flipped classroom, science teaching, online videos, EDpuzzle, active learning


The flipped classroom is an innovative educational model that has attracted more attention recently, especially at universities since academic subjects requires more scientific approach by students. In the flipped classroom, course content is delivered via online videos or pre-recorded lectures that can be watched by students at home. It can free up the class time that lecturers are able to devote for learner-centered activities such as problem solving and active learning. This article is motivated by the flipping model with an aim to engage students’ learning outside of the classroom as well as respond to the challenges of teaching academic subjects, which reflect difficulties in delivering all the materials given the limited time period of a class. An online tool called “EDpuzzle” is introduced to facilitate flipping the class. Also, flipping a class involves design of various types of activities, including in-class and out-of-class, which are all vital for an effective flipped classroom. This paper informs how to design, implement and evaluate the flipped classroom in subjects taught at universities.




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