Conciliation as a Means of Adr Vs Arbitration and Mediation


  • Dilboboyev Nozimbek Shavkatugli Tashkent State University of Law The Student of Master’s degree of the Speciality of International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution


Alternative methods of dispute resolution (ADR, Arbitration, ArbitrationConciliation, Conciliation agreement, Conciliator, Judicial conciliator, Judicial mediator, Conciliation center


Currently, alternative methods of dispute resolution are increasingly being developed, their specific forms of conflict resolution of different tones and hybrid forms of resolution of several different issues are also emerging. This article examines scientific-theoretical approaches as well as international and foreign legislation practices to reveal the importance and special features of such settlement as arbitration and mediation as one of the alternative forms of dispute resolution. In particular, the process of carrying out the conciliation process of such countries as China, Korea and India from Asian countries, the Russian Federation from the CIS countries, Germany, Hungary and Ireland from the European Union as well as Australia and Brazil will be analyzed comparatively by studying their similarities and different aspects



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