Gerontology and Adult Education in Rivers State


  • Mezewo E. Obuzor Rivers State University, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  • Stella Karibo Ortuka Rivers State University, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Port Harcourt, Nigeria



Gerontology, Elderly, Adult Education, Aging, Lifelong Learning


This study addresses the underexplored issue of gerontology in the context of adult education in Rivers State. Gerontology, the study of aging and the elderly, is often limited to viewing seniors as retired individuals with diminished capacities. This research challenges this notion by highlighting the potential of adult education to empower the elderly, enabling them to contribute positively to society. The study, conducted in both the Riverine and Upland regions of Rivers State, employed a mixed-method approach, including questionnaires, interviews, and observations, complemented by library research. Data were collected from 200 respondents using an incidental sampling technique, with 150 valid responses analyzed. The findings underscore the crucial role of adult education in mitigating the challenges of aging, such as physical, psychological, and social declines. By providing relevant skills and resources, adult education helps seniors remain active and engaged. However, the study also highlights barriers such as unfavorable economic conditions that hinder elderly participation in adult education. The research implications suggest that tailored adult education programs can significantly enhance the quality of life and societal contributions of the elderly. Further research is recommended to explore effective strategies for integrating gerontology and adult education in diverse economic contexts.


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