Selecting a proper method for teaching grammar as a skill for adult students by conducting a detailed research


  • Sayfullayeva Fayozaxon Tohirovna Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology


grammar error, explicit grammar, story-telling, acquisition of grammar, rules, present continuous


One of the clear perspective needed issues of learning and teaching is the role which the grammar has in the foreign languages. As Rinvolucri (1984) cited, explicit teaching should not be facilitated in L2 classrooms that input hypothesis affirms the acquisition of L2 language competence through exposure. As long as learners experience by comprehensible and meaningful way, they can acquire by exposure instead of explicit grammar. However, paradoxically, he recommends giving grammar by story-telling and reading as homework only for adult learners in high schools. Moreover, he also suggests that it should be conducted in mini-lessons covering only simple rules just to satisfy the curiosity as filling gaps without expecting the acquisition of grammar rules in the classrooms.


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